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How Do the Dare Dorm Girls Drink It Up in Dare Dorm Parties?

Anyone remember going to college? The reason it’s all so hazy is because of all those beer bongs, right? Check out the Dare Dorm girls killing a few brain cells of their own then getting naked and learning all sorts of new ways to drink it up in their latest amateur videos!

The girls at the Dare Dorm love getting wasted and fucking the brains out of each other. Join the party and watch these queens of amateur videos drink it up:

Watch Dare Dorm Girls Rub It on Their Friends

The Dare Dorm girls are going summer crazy! Long days means more time for fucking… and that means you lucky people get to watch more amateur video than ever before! Watch the crazy ladies from the Dorm rub it all over their friends’ pert little titties…

The Dare Dorm girls and boys are up for anything, usually in numbers. There are more college orgy amateur video movies here than anywhere else on the net. Fans of teen snatch, get ready to rub it til it blows at

Gigantic boobs

Gigantic boobs

I could get used to a view like this, those gigantic boobs are just the type of thing that always brings a smile to my face. In today’s Teen Dare Dorm video, we have this one chick with gigantic tits who really knows what to do with them…and the rest of her wicked hot body. We love it when chicks with huge boobs show off their goods…we like to think that they are doing the world a great service. Be sure to watch this gigantic boobs video today!

Barely Legal Threeway

barely legal threeway

Today at Teen Daredorm, we happen to have a special surprise for you; a video of a barely legal threeway that is so sexy, so naughty, and so hot that it ought be illegal! We don’t know what it is about threeways that are so hot, but we think that it might have something to do with the fact that watching more then one sexy babe intermingle their parts with each other! You better pay attention to this video, my friends, because this barely legal threeway is a master’s thesis in how to please two woman at once! Of course, if you don’t feel like watching that type of shit, might we suggest that you check out some MILF Hunter videos?

College Tease Video

College Tease Video

College babes can be so temping these days, as you can see in this totally intense college tease video that will blow your mind! These chicks, who all look like the type of babes you’d see at Muffia, really know how to pleasure a man…or woman…which is probably why this porno is one of the hottest things since sliced bread! These chicks are completely nasty, and they don’t care who knows it! Of course, if a college tease video isn’t your type of thing, maybe you should watch hot chicks get reamed like nobody’s business over at Manuel Uncut?

Double Blow Job

Today at Teen Daredorm, we have not one…but TWO blow jobs happening at once! In this double blow job video, our main character Mike has broken his arm and now his two best friends are trying to think of everything that can do to cheer him up. Luckily for us, the only thing that seems to cheer Mike up is making three-way sex video with two really hot college Co-eds!

Take it from us here at Teen Dare Dorm, we have seen a lot of hot double blow job pornos in our time, but this one REALLY takes the cake! Watch it today!

Crazy Teen Orgy Videos

Crazy Teen Orgy Videos

Man, it’s tough to work for Teen Daredorm sometimes…everyday we get in our inbox hours after hours of boring amateur film. You can only watch so many ugly people fuck before you want to pound nails into your head…luckily every now and then we’ll get a crazy teen orgy video that makes all the searching worth while. Today, we have one of those videos and it was sent to us by a little college in the great state of Arizona. We won’t tell you which one, but what we will tell you is that the girls that go to that college really can’t get enough of sex! Well, that’s enough for today…we just had a video pop up in our Teen Daredorm mail box…I guess that means it’s back to the uggo grindstone!